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My A600, with the upgrades is easily as fast in operation to any 68030 A1200 I have experienced. However, I thought I would give those of you interested in figures, some idea of exactly how fast my machine is. Stability is a big thing for me, and I can say I am using my Amiga more and more for Internet stuff and running graphics/sound demos and I seldom have issues with crashing, no more than an Amiga user who is running similar apps on say an A1200/A4000.

Below is a screenshot of the sysinfo, I was surprised what a difference there was between the 33MHz and the 40MHz apollo. If you compare my screengrab to the one on amiga600.de, you will see what a difference the extra 7MHz makes. Notice I have the FPU on mine as Christian's died after problems with heat in the early stages of his project. Not that many applications make use of the FPU anyway, but I thought it best to point out why my sysinfo results show MFlops.

Sysinfo showing my A600's speed

Click for bigger image
AIBB comparing my machine's Dhrystones to popular Amiga models.

Last of all, here is an AIBB module for you to download to compare your classic Amiga to mine. AIBB is available from the Aminet, and lets you install "modules" that are snapshots of other machine's benchmarks for the purpose of comparison.

My AIBB Module.

Amiga600.de also has an AIBB module for you to download. Please note the module on amiga600.de was also produced after the FPU died.

This is a screengrab of my A600 running without crashing for days on end. It has connected to an anti-surge lead is on a 700VA UPS so even a powercut or spike will not affect the machine.Uptime showing the A600 running for days