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27th July 2007 - Update on my Amiga situation
I have been busy with other things now, such as LRG Software but I still keep dipping into Amiga whenever I can. I sold the Amiga I mentioned on 21st March at the same spec as shown but I did swap the Blizzard 1200/4 for a 1220/4 (28MHz 020 w/ 4MB RAM, FPU & RTC) a while ago. Soon after getting rid of the A1200, I realised I missed having an Amiga in the house, so got another A600, which is small enough to share my desk with my Sony laptop and easy to stow away if it is not being used for a while.

The new A600 has one of those cute 1MB chipmem upgrades from Individual Computers, a 256MB Flash Hard Drive and 3.1 ROMs. To see a pic please click here.

Last of all, I have been building an A1200 project for a fellow Amigan on amigaworld.net. Here is the original request for assistance: http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=23311&forum=25 and here is the picture diary of the project: http://www.amiga600.net/drathro

07th April 2007 - AROS-MAX Mirror Removed
Whilst there was still a handful of downloads a month, I have decided to remove the AROS-Max files from my webspace. It does not appear to be in development now, so anyone wanting an AROS install will have to check out the dedicated AROS websites. If I am approached by anyone in the AROS, or indeed any other Amiga community who needs webspace to host software, I will do my best to oblige.

21st March 2007 - My latest Amiga
I bought a while back a brand new AT Amiga 1200 from Amigakit. I bought it with a Blizzard 060 board and 40GB HDD. I found the experience to be good, but I nowhere near used the Amiga for tasks that required that speed of CPU or storage space. So, I sold the extras on and bought a nice Blizzard 1200/4 RAM card, with FPU and RTC. I also got a nice solid state hard drive, only 512MB but perfect for my needs. Along with replacing my Goliath for a 60w standard A500 PSU, and installing noclick, my A1200 setup is now completely silent! A 0dB Amiga WITH a Hard Drive..... Great! For a picture of the setup, click here.

21st March 2007 - AmigaEverywhere Closed
Well I have just about sold all my excess Amiga equipment, so I have closed the eBay shop, before they start charging me monthly to use it!

18th February 2007 - AmigaEverywhere Launched
I have opened an eBay shop called AmigaEverywhere to sell the odd Amiga items I have that I no longer need. Please click here to see what I am currently selling.

21st January 2006 - The sale takes a twist
Due to being too busy etc. to maintain and occasionally repair the A600 project, I have decided to sell it, consolidating my collection down further to just an A4000/A1200 or new next gen Amiga. I will post up here what is going on as I intend to keep the domain as I need it's email facilities. To see the auction (if still running - 2 days left at time of writing) click here. For an update on what has been happening see:
http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=17076&forum=25 and


05th January 2006 - Computer sale!
This month I hope to bring my A4000D home from work and start using it alongside the A600. For that I will need space, so I am selling some Amiga and other retro computer items on ebay, including a CD32 setup with a Promodule, a full motion video cartridge for the CD32, some CD32 consoles & various parts and software. I have started listing over the last few days and listings will probably continue into early next week, so if you are interested, please visit my ebay listings.

05th October 2005 - Fan removal & A600 video
I have not done anything major to the A600 lately, well unless you call removing the fan I put in the case major. It was not really needed as the heatsinks (which I shall leave) stay perfectly cool and the tape which maintained a seal for the fan to work effectively has been taken off now that is redundant. I have also removed the fan in the external CD ROM enclosure, which was also not required as it only blew out cold air, and there are big holes in the rear of the enclosure anyway where it was intended for use as a SCSI unit,but is now used for an IDE device. All in all a much quieter computing experience. All I have now is the sound of the quiet HDD and the PSU fan which is not too bad, although I might try and source a quieter one still in the future to make the machine almost silent, especially when the hard drive heads park through inactivity.

Oh and I did drag it to Amiga Big Bash 3, but because I was an organiser, responsible for the network, I never got time to show it this year, so I hauled it all the way back and it needed a little TLC to get going (a similar thing happened at BB2). Anyway, I have purchased a sound sampler for it and several software titles such as Wordworth Office and Wordworth 7. Apart from that all is quiet on the A600 front, whilst I build my latest Amiga project, an A4000 with 68060/PPC/CV3D. But to show I am using the Amiga 600, here is a video of it in action.

13th May 2005 - A600 workstation
The whole system was taking up quite a bit of space, so, after a long time of searching I have found a Workstation to keep the setup looking tidy. See the result here.

PCMCIA Wireless Adaptor - Amiga A600HD8th May 2005 - A600 goes wireless!
The LAN card has been replaced with a PCMCIA 802.11b Wi-Fi card and is running nicely using the prism2.device. I got my card from Chris Barrow, who also helped me configure it. A point of interest, my Access Point/Router was set at 64bit WEP and I could not get the card to work. It would work with no encryption. With the assistance of Chris sending my his config and me trying it in 128bit mode, I got it to work. For some reason, it just didn't work in 64bit mode. I would be interested to hear how others get on.

24th February 2005 - Amiga 600 Gallery Online
This is actually old news, but I forgot to post it. To see the Amiga 600 gallery, please click here.

28th December 2004 - Amiga 600 Gallery proposed
Christian Krenner, the guy behind amiga600.de is going to create a gallery of A600 owners. If you wish to be included, please send him some pics of you and your A600 and some specifications/info about the machine (what OS/Software etc). To email him, please click here.

28th December 2004 - Performance Page
I thought it would be nice to show some information on how my Amiga A600 compares with other classic machines. For this I have just completed a page on my Amiga's performance.

20th December 2004 - We are now an AROS-Max Mirror
AROS Max is a pre-configured live bootable CD image, made to show off the best that AROS has to offer. If you would like to know more about AROS, please visit the AROS website.

14th December 2004 - Added New Screenshots
Hi, I have just added 3 new images to the screenshots page. These images show the Amiga 600 running NetInfo II, Go! Portscan and AmTelnet 2.

9th December 2004 - New Site Upload
Hello and welcome to the all new amiga600.net! I hope you enjoy the new look site, thanks to Amigaworld's Bobson for the CSS, it really makes the site look slick. Any comments, please contact me.