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Hi, welcome to my site. I am Mike. You can find me on amigaworld.net as A1200. This site is devoted to my latest Amiga project, expanding an Amiga A600 as much as possible!

I live in Lowestoft in the county of Suffolk, England. I have been working and using computers for many years. Over the years I have maintained an affection for one platform in particular, the Amiga.


This site shows how you can upgrade this cute computer, first released in 1992 to use modern programs, such as mp3 player and Internet applications. This is by far the trickiest of the Amigas to upgrade, firstly because of its physical size also because the machine had to be retrofitted to give it any considerable upgrade. The biggest workaround being the way you attach the MC68030 processor board to a motherboard with no consideration for such a device. Sounds interesting? Please read on...

If you would like to comment or contact me about this project, please email me.

NEW! - The A600 is now Wi-Fi enabled!