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The Amiga A600HD

The A600 was the last 16 bit Amiga. It was released in March 1992 and as I seem to recall it was not as unpopular as some would make out. I remember great affection for these tiny machines, even when the Amiga A1200 came out. If you wanted a nice new machine to play the classic games on, and a bit of word processing, this was the machine to choose.

It lacked a numeric keypad, which was a problem if you did home accounts or liked flight simulators. It was also very hard to expand. No one really knows why Commodore would release such a machine, but they did and I am glad because it's my favorite Amiga.

There were 2 configurations produced, the A600 and the A600HD, the HD was the same except it came with a 40MB IDE hard disk drive. This was the first Amiga with an IDE interface and first to have a PCMCIA card slot.

Technical Specifications:

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My Expanded Amiga 600 running AmIRC at Big Bash 2 - 16th October 2004
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The A600 all hooked up in it's new workstation. Notice another old friend, the Commodore PET sitting alonside it. For those interested I also have an old Atari 130XE and a Panasonic 3DO console in my classic machine collection.

CPU: Motorola (R) 68000, 16/32 bit 7.16 MHz Multi-Chip coprocessor system for DMA, Video, Graphics and Sound
Memory: Expandable to 2MB Chip RAM Maximum RAM expansion 6MB with PCMCIA 512KB ROM
Software: AmigaDOS (TM) Release 2 Multitasking Operating System in ROM Workbench 2.X and Utilities software
Keyboard: Integral 78 Key International
Mouse: Opto-mechanical 2-button design
Disk Drives: Built-in 3.5-inch 880 KB floppy disk External 3.5-inch floppy disk Internal IDE hard disk drive (optional)
Graphic modes: Colour palette of 4096 colours Selectable resolutions Supports full overscan
Video Output: RGB analogue 15 kHz Horizontal Scan Rate Colour Composite RF Modulated
Sound: Four channel stereo sound
Dimensions: 14" deep x 9.5" wide x 3 high
Weight: Approx. 6 lbs.
Power Requirements: Switching power supply 23 watts
External Interfaces:
Floppy Disk (DB23)
Mouse/Joystick/Lightpen (2 DB9)
Serial (RS-232, PC-compatible)
Parallel (Centronics -- PC-compatible)
Video RGB analogue (DB23 15 kHz)
Colour Composite (RCA)
RF Modulator (RCA)
PCMCIA Card Slot
Internal Interfaces:
Internal AT IDE connector
Trapdoor Expansion Slot