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Portable HF Antenna Reviews

Friday, March 18th, 2011

M0SAZ Prowhip Antennas Travel Delta Loop Portable HFI have just acquired another couple of HF antennas for portable use. As such I now have quite a collection of aerials I can use when out on field days or special event stations. What I plan to do is use each one during the summer months and write up on here how they perform. From memory I have:

– Prowhip Antennas small delta loop
– Prowhip Antennas large delta loop
– Nevada WDM 8010 Windom
– Chameleon V1
– Sandpiper PBX-100 MKII
– KZJ Communications 20m wire Dipole
– Random length end fed wire antenna with Prowhip Antennas 9:1 UnUn
– Pro whip Antennas 6m vertical (roach pole) Antenna
– Pro whip Antennas 10m vertical (roach pole) Antenna
– Comet BNC 750

I will assess each one on things such as portability, ease of setup, on-air performance, noise level, build quality and value for money. So “stay tuned” for some reviews on these and possibly others in the coming months. 73 DE Mike M0SAZ.